machine 3

This series of machine bed as a whole box-shaped structure, use high standard cast iron a molding casting, after the second aging treatment, stable performance; rail surface width (1100mm), good rigidity, anti-vibration ability; For the 100mm, the box structure is strong, can adapt to heavy processing. Automatic segmentation speed control by the M code, the segment automatically variable speed by S code selection control, can achieve step-less speed and constant linear cutting. Equipped with a 4-station vertical electric knife, but also according to their own needs with a 6-station or 8-station variety of electric knife. The tailstock structure is strong, can withstand heavy cutting, and can also choose electric tailstock, to achieve automatic rapid movement, and improve efficiency. Spindle motor for the 30kw three-way AC asynchronous motor, the output of large, variable range. Equipped with Ф1250mm heavy four-jaw chuck, but also according to their products to provide users with different types of manual three-jaw, four-jaw chuck. CNC system uses the world’s most well-known  control system (also available according to user requirements matching other systems), can simultaneously control the 2-axis (X, Z), and has a straight line, arc, and thread interpolation and other Fixed cycle and other functions, the minimum resolution of 0.001mm. Machine tool to take protective measures equipped with an emergency stop safety button, when the machine suddenly encountered a sudden power failure or self-failure, due to the special design of the control circuit, the machine can be self-protection, to ensure that the machine and personnel safety, The control program has been “solidified” in the chip, power failure or failure will not be lost in the computer stored in the program menu.

This series of machine tools are based on the international market, the latest development trend of CNC lathes developed with semi-closed-loop control of the universal CNC lathes. The machine is widely used, flexible operation, suitable for processing all kinds of the complex shape of the shaft, sets, and disk parts, such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, circular surfaces, end faces, slots, chamfer, Especially for multi-species, small batch of turns processing, process adaptability, processing efficiency, low scrap rate, good consistency of the finished product, can reduce the technical requirements of the workers skilled. Easy programming, and easy operation, are the ideal large-scale mechanical processing equipment.

Heavy Duty CNC Flat Bed Lathe Machine With 2 Rectangular Guideway